I, The Beholder


I, The Beholder is a melodic metalcore band out of Atlanta, Georgia. After playing a few shows and recruiting all the necessary members, the band is now in the studio recording their debut full-length album, which is expected to drop in the summer of 2017. The group was originally formed by vocalist Will Graham in 2015 under the name Grieving The Fall. During this time, the band acquired guitarist Zachary Hicks and drummer Caleb Channell. The trio wrote a few songs and began gigging, performing shows with many other up-and-coming local acts. They also released a single, “The Awakening,” during this time period, which brought the group to the attention of a significant number of local listeners. Soon afterward, the band acquired guitarist Dillon Boulet. After much deliberation, they eventually decided to change their name to I, The Beholder. The group then recruited bassist Jackson Pickens, and entered the studio in order to begin the recording process for their first full-length album. The first single from the album will be available for download and streaming on all major platforms on October 31st, 2016.

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