Fresh out of the Philadelphia D.I.Y scene, Hypothetical blends alternative and indie-inspired sounds with reggae bass and hip-hop drums. Its’ members, Matt Feldman and Sean O’Neil, have been writing and producing together since the age of 15. They left the acoustic guitars and cracked version of Fruity Loops behind, proceeding to move in together in 2014 to focus on cultivating a crisper, more polished sound. The result is their debut LP, “Kill the Doubt”, released in January 2018.

Much like their name, their first studio album begs the question, “What if?” What if the legendary writing and wordplay of Eminem was mixed with the polished pop rock of Twenty One Pilots? The duo spent late nights in their home studio searching for an aesthetic that’s natural and honest, but also packs an edgy punch. Their first LP is a culmination of hard work and travel, which saw them booking studio time in Nashville and Atlanta.

Early accomplishments include opening a sold out show for Gus Dapperton in Atlanta and hosting their debut album release party at The Barbary in Philadelphia. Even more impressive is the fact that Feldman and O’Neil co-wrote “Kill the Doubt” while living 800 miles away from one another, as O’Neil moved to Atlanta in 2016. Looking ahead, the duo aims to ditch their dropbox collaborations and give Hypothetical a real shot. 2018 is looking up with much in store for these two.

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