Based in Los Angeles, grouptherapy. consists of three members, Jadagrace, SWIM, and TJOnline, who have been close friends and peers for over 15 years and united during tumultuous periods of their young lives. They found solace and friendship with one another while navigating the all too often murky terrain of the entertainment realm. Individually they are vast and distinct and collectively they beautifully amplify the talents of one another, resulting in an art that surpasses the confines of genre and exists unlike anything else out right now. They create from a place of love, unrelenting passion, and a refreshing desire to grow and embrace the dualities that make up their DNA, producing a one-of-a-kind transformative art that not only thrills but also provides belonging to those on the margins. The young group has quickly garnered large critical acclaim from The New Yorker, Teen Vogue, i-D Magazine, Paper Magazine, Fader, Revolt, BET, Stereogum, LA Weekly, and many more.

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