Groove Moose


Groove Moose formed in early August 2010 when the original three members met in a small town called Milledgeville, GA. With nothing but farms and cows for miles in every direction, they first decided to write a few fun songs they could jam on just for the fun of playing music. However, over the course of 2011 jams become more consistent and started to form crowds in the public dormitory areas where they occurred. The guys decided it was time to decide on a name and play a show, and racked their brains for a name that meant something to all of them. One day whilst lounging about at a mutual friend’s house playing Geometry Wars, their loveable black lab named Moose entered the room, plopped himself on the couch, and let out a sigh. They laughed and joked about Moose being our band name, but ultimately decided they wanted something that would more encapsulate our sound and vibe. “Groove Moose!” Done.

Armed with a band name, they approached the booking manager for Buffington’s about playing their first real show and were set for a Thursday night St Patty’s day blowout that would prove to be a night to remember. With $5 car bombs flying off the shelf, the crowd grew raucous as the funk rock n roll filled the electric air. Groove Moose was truly born on this St Patty’s day at Buffington’s. After a few successful years, the band broke up after GCSU classes ended and the members got ‘real’ jobs.

However, after laying dormant for many years the trio found themselves at a party which happened to feature an unused drum kit, bass, and guitar. They played as if they’d practiced the day before and remembered the joy of the music they created together. However the original drummer decided “nah dude”, leaving Zack and Bobby to find someone with enough free time who could play the music appropriately and who, well, wasn’t an asshole. Any musician reading this knows that this is quite the difficult task.

Feeling energized by the music, Zack sought out a friend of his who’s “son is damn good at the drums y’all should play together” and invited him over for a jam after having sent him an original track to learn that they could play. Hitting it off immediately over a few craft brews the trio ventured into the previously un utilized jam room at Bob’s house and played through the song that was sent. The Earth shook. Mountains moved. I farted. Grown men in Austria cried. It was magic. However, Chris being a perfectionist and not having really played the drums in over a year, was unsure of himself and hilariously asked “So….. should I… leave my drums here… or like… pack up and never talk to you guys again?” Zack and Bob didn’t realize they had been just standing there in dumbfounded silence. They were floored and quickly stammered a “Yes! Leave them!” Zack and Bob smiled at each other; they knew Groove Moose was back. The music was back.

They have since charged forward, back into the ATL music scene and into unexpecting listeners’ ears. They strive to pump out truly original music that still maintains relatable roots and forces those exposed to dance their asses off. They are Groove Moose. They are here to stay.

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