Ganges Phalanges


Ganges Phalanges is a melodic punk/ hardcore band based in Atlanta, Georgia and started in 2011 by vocalist Amanda Anderson and guitarist Casey Hatley. After the dissolution of their last band the two began crafting songs from previously unused material as The Deadites. In 2012 bassist David Sherman and drummer Brett James, both of Atlanta ska punk band Hermits of Suburbia, joined and the band began playing regularly throughout Atlanta and the southeast. In 2013 Brett left the band and was replaced by Hermits of Suburbia vocalist Ty Watkins on drums. In August of 2014 the band released its first full length, Life is Posers, and saw the vacated drummer position filled by Jordan Velasco, a drummer that had played in several bands with Casey and Amanda in the past. The band regularly plays throughout the southern and eastern United States. In 2017 the band put out its second release, the e.p. Grime Time vol. 1. Ganges Phalanges has opened for a number of nationally and internationally touring acts including: White Lung, Mannequin Pussy, Masked Intruder, Murderburgers, and The Decline.

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