Renaissance Vocalist Elton (+-) is an artist, writer and producer from “The Valley” referring to Fox River Valley a west Chicago Suburb. Elton began his musical journey with the Art of Cool, a multi instrumentation jazz/hip hop group that included long time collaborator & friend Phoelix. This laid the groundwork for MDMC where we first see Elton’s lyrical prowess on display. After moving to Chicago & struggling to find his place both internally and artistically. Elton utilized his collaborative skills to team up with Chicago producers The Burns Twin’s & Bedows for their EP’s; Sun Shower & Side Eye. His growth during this time resulted in the completion of his Solo Project – Elevated. Released in August 2018. Reaching from his past experiences, and current realities. Elevated takes you on a whirlwind of intrinsic instrumentation, while Elton’s delivery paints a portrait with poetic melodies, wrapped in bedroom soul.

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