Electric Blue Yonder


Electric Blue Yonder is a musical group like no other, featuring Beth Hataway and Johnny Veres  as its core members. Their music takes the listener on a journey through space and time,  blending influences from folk, rock, and ambient music into a unique sound that is both familiar  and alien. 

Beth’s haunting vocals and Johnny’s intricate guitar work are the perfect match, creating a  sonic landscape that captivates audiences and leaves them spellbound. Their music touches  on themes of love, loss, and the search for meaning in an ever-changing world, conveying  heartfelt emotions and genuine experiences. 

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Electric Blue Yonder continued to showcase  their music through virtual performances and interviews, captivating audiences with their  otherworldly sounds and unique blend of space-folk. Their debut album, “B/TST Between  Space and Time,” was released just two weeks before the pandemic began, but the band’s  unwavering commitment to their craft enabled them to overcome adversity and continue to  create and perform. 

Their sophomore album, “Mourning Sounds,” takes listeners on a metaphorical journey  through the process of loss and grieving, highlighting the power of the human spirit to  overcome adversity and find a way forward. The album’s message of friendship, perseverance,  and radical acceptance resonates deeply, garnering critical acclaim from prestigious outlets  such as American Songwriter, Americana UK, and V13. 

With their innovative blend of musical styles and themes, Electric Blue Yonder has established  themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of indie music. Their continued growth  and evolution as artists, while staying true to their unique sound and vision, is a testament to  their talent and commitment to their craft. 

Their highly anticipated album, “MicroPARTY,” promises to be a celebration of life’s small  moments, with catchy hooks and danceable beats that will have listeners grooving along in no  time. The album’s production is said to be top-notch, with expertly crafted layers of synths,  guitar riffs, and vocals that create a sonic landscape that is both immersive and exhilarating. 

Electric Blue Yonder’s music is a beacon of hope in a world that is ever more complex and  uncertain, reminding listeners that the human spirit is capable of reaching for the stars. Their  unique sound and commitment to their craft are sure to inspire and captivate audiences for  years to come.

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