Eddie Gold


Eddie Gold is a premier electronic artist based in Atlanta Ga, Gold has become a household name in the rapidly expanding electronic music scene for his music production, dj sets and his grass roots following of supporters known as #GOLDFAM. Eddie is known for his highly explosive productions along with Dj sets. Eddie Gold holds residencies at Imagine Music Festival , Believe Music Hall 4/4 House sessions and Opera Night Club in Atlanta Ga. Eddie has played events such as: Tomorrowworld, Groove Cruise, Imagine Music Festival, Buku festival, Counterpoint Music Fest, De Luna Music Festival, Mental Rager (Honolulu Hawaii), Players club (Miami) Republic (New Orleans) and many more. Eddie’s music production has no bounds or limits. His sets are filled with different electronic genres so its no surprise he makes everything and also plays it. When it comes to versatile music producers and Djs. Eddie is one to keep your eyes on in the years to come.

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