Divino Niño


Divino Niño are no strangers to bold reinvention. When Camilo Medina and Javier Forero—friends whose bond dates back to their childhoods in Bogotá, Colombia—moved to Chicago andrecruited guitarist Guillermo Rodriguez to form a band, they were psych-pop outsiders playinglive shows with a drum machine. With the addition of drummer Pierce Codina, their 2019breakthrough and debut LP for Winspear,Foam, solidified their place as local indie rockmainstays. Soon after, multi-instrumentalist Justin Vittori joined to round out their lineup. Onceagain, with their masterful, unpredictable, and eminently danceable new album, the band hasdone something radical: They totally upended the way they write songs, eschewing practiceroom jams for unrelentingly collaborative beats,implied groovesfor immersive dance floorheaters, and mellow vibes for frenetic doses of reggaeton, electropop, and trap on their mostadventurousand ambitious work to date. Welcome to theLast Spa on Earth.Written and recorded over the past two years,Last Spa on Earthdeals in release and catharsis:confronting your darkest moments and coming out better for it. The album artwork, done byMedina, a longstanding visual artist, depicts a dreamy, yet graffiti-tagged spa, void of physicalbodies so listeners can envision themselves in this unique environment. It represents the yinand yang approach Divino Niño took while creating the album: the serenity of the spa and thechaos of the party. Ultimately, the band’s desire is to provide healing in the same way one feelsafter sweating, shivering, stretching, and resting at the spa against the backdrop of the world’sdarkness.Last Spa on Earthis the cathartic product of Divino Niño letting go of their musicalpreconceptions, past traumas, and future anxieties to embrace change, chaos, and each other’scontributions both to these songs and to each other.

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