It all started when with a young man by the name of Corey Clark, humble and completely unaware of the talent he held. After reaching out to (vocalist) Justin Calhoun and (Drummer) David Willson a sound was formed that would change our lives. The following three years went by while numerous musicians were tried out and progress was made to mold our sound to exactly what we had been looking for, which included bass guitarist Tyler Kimberly. Over time it was decided to make some changes. In 2016 we finally found our fit. Chase Dobbs (Bass guitar/backing vocals) and Jeremy Hobaugh (synths/post production/backing vocals) were added to our family and sparks flew. After Chase’s addition we decided for Tyler to move to guitars. Things escaladed quickly while we tightened our fit into the massive force of dread, anger, and joy we have come to be. As momentum was gained and Disareyen became more and more of a full time job, it came to attention that we would have to part ways with Justin. And that’s when a god send walked through the door. Good friend and hugely talented musician Brandyn Soto agreed to fill Justin’s shoes and be the voice of Disareyen, and we never looked back. We knew this was our fit, from the kind of singing that fathers warn their daughters about, to disgusting low and shredding high screams that would make hell moist, we knew we had our sound. With styles ranging from the calmest of melodies containing bold and powerful singing, to the sound track to the Devil’s workout, there’s enjoyment to found by members of the metal community worldwide. And with fan bases extending to Sweden, the U.K. and Australia, we are excited to continue breaking barriers and spreading the love we hold for what we do abroad. We are Disareyen, and we are honored to share our lives with you. Here is our story; we want you to be a part of it.

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