Death is a Dialogue


Death is a Dialogue between the spirit and the dust”. Derived from an Emily Dickinson poem, the band’s name clues fans to their dark lyrical content and introspective music. Somewhere between pop punk and a metal band, the DIAD boys take pride in their DIY approach to all things rock n roll. The band toured extensively after their 2011 debut, playing Warped tour dates as well as opening slots for well-known national acts. Their first single, “Low Lies Lenore”, brought underground success and gained local praise from the Atlanta punk scene. After a short hiatus from touring, the band is now releasing a collection of songs titled, Call of the Siren. With cover art done by Slovakian artist Rado Javor. The album’s artwork matches the intensity of the music, just as heart felt and epic. The band is known for throwing sweat-fueled live shows in small venues that could be compared to early movements by the their pop-punk predecessors, Rancid, NOFX and Hot Water Music.

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