Dark Bloom


DARKBLOOM… with the release of debuting single “I Wanna Get…” this Industrial-rock band explodes onto the scene defying conventional means of the “rock industry” by breaking boundaries of a time period that relied on performing live shows to build a fan base. Darkbloom’s strategy begins by promoting almost solely on the Internet, and to individual DJs worldwide without yet playing (a single note) “live” in front of any audience. This single, “I Wanna Get”, elevated to the top 10 on over 5000 Internet radio playlists within the first week of release, as well as having (clean edit) heavy rotation in hundreds of rock/alternative clubs and bars around the world. Check out the video, still listed as “Hot” status on www.metalvideo.com. After this single reached the local radio airwaves of Greece and Germany… an instant Hit…It has become a standard in European and American strip-clubs as well. “This was unheard of for a “Rock” act at this time,” says Frontman Sean Darkbloom, hailing the single’s success (much in the same way as in the Hip Hop community) to “pure hard work and hustling on the streetz.” Furthermore, Sean states…”We have not yet negotiated the right deal for us, from any major labels, so we took matters into our own hands. For example, I’ve personally mailed 10,000 singles to clubs and DJs (channeling my inner Glenn Wallichs, Lol), not to mention what other band members have done… like stand outside popular rock concerts passing out our single for free.”

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