Cry Baby


Cry Baby started in 2018 with the goal to try something different. With chaotic and upbeat shows, they began to harness a punk energy amidst their pop sound live. Taking this show on the road, the band began to travel around the southeast and midwest building a name for themselves in the DIY scene. Cry Baby spent free time writing and recording in bedroom studios. Inspired by the boy bands and R&B groups that soundtracked their early lives as 90’s babies, the band dug through archives of 30 year old samples and synthesizers to form their sound. In this, the band’s new EP Everything I Didn’t Say (out 8/27) was born – a genre hopping, vibe heavy record that captures the feeling of finally having the guts to hand your crush a mixtape. On Cry Baby’s latest single Atwood Magazine praised the band, stating “since 2018, the band has consistently released a string of singles, each one creating an upbeat sonic moment to get lost in. ‘She Likes To Get High’ is no different, beginning with a slow sparkle before launching into a synth-laden rhythm fit for a crowded dance floor and a chorus made to sing along to, keeping an upbeat tempo until the very end.” With a distinct nostalgia for the 90’s / Y2K era, Cry Baby brings a dated sound into the modern age. Producing a hybrid of electronic driven, yet full band music, Cry Baby sets out to do it all. Nobody puts baby in a corner.

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