Crooked Sidewalks


Crooked Sidewalks are a self-proclaimed “dad crisis rock” band, borrowing a hearty healthy blend of FM radio rock from the 60’s and 70’s, smothered and covered with three decades of college radio rock with some ground artsy static bits for flavor and texture.

The members of Crooked Sidewalks initially met while getting items appraised on Antique’s Roadshow and discovered they shared a similar love of music and an had an odd affinity for the 1986 classic movie “Howard The Duck.” Armed with years of experience playing live music, Crooked Sidewalks embarked on an ambitious journey to create original rock music with the hope of cashing in on that sweet, sweet Spotify money. Of course it would have been easier to start yet another tribute band but the oversaturated market of Pink Floyd, Beatles, and Tom Petty tribute acts forced them in another direction.

Jeremy Keen, guitarist/singer/songwriter/avid birdwatching enthusiast, is adept at finding inspiration in the most uninspiring and mundane of daily activities, usually, resulting in songs steeped in escapism, of love lost, or of drinking beer in the basement. Many times, it is all three at once. Originally from Houston, he spent his college years and beyond bumming around the Chicago scene playing in bands and getting into fights. Since 1999, he’s toured the states, recorded and self-released albums with his friends and his bands have opened for such notable acts as Sleeping at Last, Pete Krebs, Derek Webb, Denison Witmer, Sarah and Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), Buddy Guy, Old 97s, Switchfoot, and Company of Thieves.

Reed Parsons, bassist/used appliance repairman, uses quality pro gear, NO DRUGS OR DRAMA, and he has his own car. Most of the rehearsal and recording is being done in the basement of Matt McKenny, drummer/hand model/vintage cowbell collector, who’s happy to offer because he hates moving his shit around all the time.

The guys are currently in the lab recording material for a forthcoming EP expected to land as soon as they get off their asses.

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