Carpool Tunnel


Carpool Tunnel is a band that emerged from the San Francisco music scene around 2017 and loves to put on a show. With touring being an integral part of their songwriting and functionality, the four songwriters, Ben Koppenjan (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Bradley Kearsley (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Michael “Junior” Reed (Drums, Keys, Vocals), and Kalani Faith (Bass, Vocals) are set to release their sophomore record ‘Don’t Let Them Pass You By’ on October 20th, 2023. Their experience in studios and touring led the band to make an album that showcases their full musicianship as not only songwriters but also as experienced touring artists. All four members have uniquely influenced the record with their appreciation of both classic and modern music. Although most songs have been written in a stripped-back environment, such as strumming an acoustic guitar on the porch, when the album was brought to the studio the band found themselves adding a playful sonic landscape to their music. This evolution in their songwriting over several years has crafted an album that is accessible to many different kinds of listeners and has expanded on the sounds of the music scene that they came from.

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