Bishop Lake


Bishop Lake was founded in 2011 by singer/songwriter ZANE (ex-Halcyon Way). The genesis of the band began when ZANE was offered some studio time to record a project by his friend and colleague Mike O’brien of Luckosound Studios. ZANE scraped together four songs for the original Bishop Lake EP and recorded it at various points from 2011 to 2012. The original EP was mastered by Massive Mastering in Nashville and released through ZANE’s label, Pure Insanity Music. Then ZANE sat quietly waiting for his millions to pour in.

2012, the year of the forming . Glen Williams (bass, ex-Halcyon Way) approached ZANE about putting together a live lineup to try out the EP. Being the lazy bastard that ZANE is, Glen set out to put the lineup together. He first enlisted the guitar abilities of David Prince (lead guitars, ex-Halcyon Way). David was cautious at first, but upon finding the direction of the band to be more blues based and influenced by the likes of Danzig, Black Label Society and Black Sabbath, he was convinced to stay on board to see what he could do with it. He wrote the riffs to what would become Ouija Board Diagnostics, and helped thicken the sound from the original EP of songs, giving Bishop Lake the metal edge it needed.

2013, the year after 2012. Frustrated by the search for a drummer, Bishop Lake caught a lucky break in the person of Scott Prian. Scott Prian’s drum skills immediately inspired the band to work harder to get into the live circuit. They wrote songs and rehearsed with intensity, finally debuting the live version of Bishop Lake in February 2014.

2014, after playing a debut show at Sweetwater Live in the greater Atlanta area, the decision was made to record new songs for a new album that would become “The Meritocracy of Hell”.  The album was recorded between February 2014 and June 2014. The album was engineered and mastered by Scott Prian. Upon completion of the album, Scott Prian moved to Florida, causing Bishop Lake to once again seek out a new drummer. Stepping up to the plate was Joey Stewart, a talented young Atlanta drummer with abilities that went far beyond rock and metal. Joey played a number of shows with Bishop Lake, helping to establish the band as a live band to not be ignored. Joey was a fan favorite, his personality reaching well beyond his drum kit and into the audience. Bishop Lake was finally moving forward.

2015/2016, saw the band moving forward. The band had seen their song “Human Roadkill” added to the “Realm of Souls” film soundtrack, their song “Make You Mine” debuted on UK radio via Two Side Moon promotions, and their song “Soulless Void” added to the sampler. The band also took part in the Metal Against Cancer benefit show, helping to raise over 18,000 dollars alongside many local national bands. By the end of 2015, personnel changes came to Bishop Lake with the exit of Joey Stewart and the entrance of Dave Jackson on the drum throne. Dave Jackson brought a power and intensity to the Bishop Lake sound indicative of his years playing drums in the Atlanta area music scene (Dave Jackson was also a member of Atlanta thrash legends Hallows Eve, pre-Tales of Terror).

Present Day- Bishop Lake continues forward with live shows in the Atlanta area, while seeking shows abroad. 2016/2017 will hopefully see the band playing new venues in various states and recording new material. The next release will feature songs written by the band as a complete unit, and the intensity and power of the new material will most certainly reflect that “band” effort and feeling missing from so much of today’s music. The riffs will be heavier, the drums will be pounding, the bass will break windows and the vocals and lyrics will go to darker regions than previously explored by Bishop Lake. Stay tuned in and turned on!!

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