Betraying The Martyrs


BETRAYING THE MARTYRS are based out of Paris, France. Featuring members from France and England, they posses a unique dynamic to their songwriting unrivalled within their genre.

Their stunning 2011 debut offering ‘Breathe In Life’ saw them make a huge impact throughout North America and Europe, touring relentlessly on such high profile tours as RockStar Mayhem Fest and AllStars, amongst a slew of other club treks. Platform single “Man Made Disaster” is still a huge part of the band’s live set.

Then followed 2014 sophomore album ‘Phantom’, with standout tracks like ‘Legends Never Die’ and the crazy cover of ‘Frozen’s “Let it Go”; ‘ hantom’ opened up the band to an entirely new audience. With this album BTM stepped up and unleashed a live show whose intensity proved hard to be matched. The band had become a venerable freight-train of aggression. Blazing harmonies, captivating hooks and bombastic off-time precision led them to conquer festivals like Graspop, With Full Force, Resurrection Fest and many more.

Having entered the studio IN 2016 with Justin Hill (Sikth), BTM released their third and most accomplished album ‘The Resilient’ in early 2017. Primed and set to cement their position as the European Kings of 21st Century Metal, ‘The Resilient’ is the definition of a band at its absolute peak.

Singles ‘The Great Dissillusion’, ‘Lost For Words’ and the anthem call to arms ‘Won’t Back Down’ showcased a new found focus in their songwriting, something that proved to be the winning formula for the assault that is ‘The Resilient’. With worldwide touring in support of the record, including a mainland decimation of Europe and the UK with Chelsea Grin, BTM are set to return to the States in late 2017 before continuing their worldwide campaign for ‘The Resilient’.

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