Bambara is a Brooklyn-via-Georgia based noise/punk band with a dark, Western slant.
The trio consisting of twin brothers Reid and BlazeBateh and William Brookshire formed
in Athens,GA in 2009. They moved to a basement apartment in Brooklyn shortly after
where they recorded and released their debut LP Dreamviolence (2013), noise collage
EP Night Chimes (2014), and apocalyptic sophomore LP Swarm (2016). The acclaim
from the releases led to tours supporting A Place to Bury Strangers, Metz, Girl Band,
Liars, and Algiers. Now in 2018, Bambara has released their third LP Shadow on
Everything. The album represents a decisive step forward for the trio. Bambara have
always been adept students of noise and post-punk, mining the work of bands like Swans
and The Birthday Party to construct what NPR called their “beautifully dynamic
nightmares.” But with Shadow on Everything they’ve transcended their early influences to
produce a Western Gothic concept album that sounds as big as the desert sky looming
over its characters’ lives.

Bambara now performs as a 5-piece allowing Reid to stagger around stage free of
instruments. This change has added to their pummeling and unpredictable live shows
making them one of NYC’s most sought-after acts.

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