Armed Chaos


Armed Chaos (formerly Resurrection) was founded in 2007 by guitarist Stephen Brock and shortly thereafter found bassist Albert Melear. In 2008 James Moses joined on the drums and remained until 2010, then leaving because of musical differences. Shortly afterward Eric Vogt ascended to the drum throne. Then at the very end of 2010 Johnathon Jackson joined to further complete the sound on lead/rhythm guitar. After Albert Melear departed in May 2012 to pursue other musical ventures, Joshua Hamby completed the madness as our full time bass player. It was at this time we changed our name to Armed Chaos. August 7, 2014 Joshua Hamby left Armed Chaos to continue his musical goals in Shotgun Eulogy. After a brief time Josh Hamby came back and Armed Chaos entered the studio and then recorded the “Armed Chaos” E.P. at One Less Limb Studios in
Newnan, Georgia. Knick Mason (ex-Mnemosyne) became the new full-time bassist and backing vocalist. It was with this lineup that “The Opposition’s Crushed” , the AC full length debut was recorded in the summer of 2015. This line up waged metal war for a year before Armed Chaos would see yet another change. Johnathon Jackson and Knick Mason left, and after a few shows jamming with Tayler Warren on guitar (Homicidal) and Bailey Allender on Bass (Wormreich), Armed Chaos brought in full time new members Alex Halligan on bass and Adam Cochran (Ex-Catastrofear) on lead rythym guitar.
Madness is our message !

We are ARMED CHAOS. More than just chaos,Chaos that has intention. Chaos that will not be swayed. An Armed Chaos that is out for blood… yours…!
\m/ \m/

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