10 Songs to Listen to Before Mayday Parade Plays The Masq on 2/9


Mayday Parade takes over Heaven on February 9, 2022, for their 11th Anniversary Self-Titled Album Tour with support from pop punk bands Real Friends and Magnolia Park. Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, be sure to give all three bands a listen before they hit the stage.

  1. A Shot Across the Bow” by Mayday Parade

Since their inception in 2005, Mayday Parade has made a name for itself as a passionate pop punk staple—so much so, in fact, that they’ve garnered the catchphrase, “Mayday Parade is an emotion.” If Mayday Parade is an emotion, “A Shot Across the Bow” is the kind of anger you only feel after a messy breakup. This underrated track is sure to bring the crowd to its feet on Wednesday.

  1. “I’ve Given Up on You” by Real Friends

Formed in 2010, Real Friends writes “songs that make it okay to feel everything: the ups, the downs, and anything else in between.” Nine years after its release on their 2013 EP Put Yourself Back Together, “I’ve Given Up on You” has maintained its status as the band’s most popular song to date. This heart-wrenching track has found its way into countless fans’ hearts and arguably set the bar for Real Friends’ subsequent acoustic material. Check out the video below to watch Real Friends perform this midwest emo classic at The Masquerade in 2014.

  1. Back Home” by Magnolia Park

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Magnolia Park first came together in 2019 “with a mission of inventively fusing genres while increasing inclusivity in the punk world.” The band’s first release under Epitaph Records came in 2021 with Halloween Mixtape, which features singles such as “Back Home.” The track explores the emotions of a long-distance relationship through dreamy, upbeat rhythms that’ll be sure to have you drumming along. Watch the music video for “Back Home” below.

  1. Call Me Hopeless, Not Romantic” by Mayday Parade

A classic example of what Mayday Parade does best (and maybe one of their best song titles to date), “Call Me Hopeless, Not Romantic” is heartfelt and heartbroken all the way through. My suggestion? Listen to “Stay” right before this track to hear the way they seamlessly transition into each other—you won’t regret it.

  1. Teeth” – Full Band by Real Friends

The full band version of “Teeth” brings a more aggressive edge to the stripped-back ballad. Starting off somber with lyrics like, “These last two years were the worst years of my life,” the song gradually builds into an explosive sound while still maintaining the sincerity Real Friends has become known for.

  1. 2009″ by Magnolia Park

Serving up pop punk with a dynamic twist, this fun and nostalgic track is an earworm if I’ve ever heard one. Distorted Sound calls the band’s use of a “huge, memorable chorus and quick, rumbling drums… a winning combination.” Check out the music video for “2009” below.

  1. When You See My Friends” by Mayday Parade

“When You See My Friends” is the kind of song you blast in your car after a long day. It’s hard to pick a favorite verse, but the chorus is what really solidifies this track. Take it from lead singer Derek Sanders: “The lyrics in the chorus kinda say it all for this one.” Check out the video below to see Mayday Parade perform this song at the Masquerade in 2015.

  1. Nervous Wreck” by Real Friends

One of two leading singles off their newest record Torn in Two, “Nervous Wreck” explores feelings of anxiety that have become all too familiar to many. It does a great job of showing off Real Friends’ new vocalist Cody Muraro, “pushing [his] vocals to the forefront” as Punktastic writes. Watch the official music video for “Nervous Wreck” below.

  1. Love Me” by Magnolia Park ft. Kellin Quinn

Featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens, “Love Me” adeptly shows off Magnolia Park’s genre-defying sound, drawing listeners in with bold drums and an electronic twist. You can really hear the way Magnolia Park takes their post-hardcore influences and flips it into a genre all of their own on this track. Watch the official music video for “Love Me” below.

  1. Priceless” by Mayday Parade

Tucked between hits like “You’re Dead Wrong” and “Stay,” it’s easy to see how “Priceless” might get overlooked, but you won’t want to miss this one live. Whether you’re blasting it at full volume or humming it under your breath, this upbeat pop punk track is sure to get stuck in your head. I can’t lie though: my favorite part is undeniably when the song cuts to acoustic just to crescendo back into the full band.

Mayday Parade

w/ Real Friends and Magnolia Park

Heaven – February 9, 2022 – Doors: 6:00 PM

Written by Hillary Dong