10 Local Artists You Should Check Out in October


1. glimmers opening for Just Friends in Hell on 10/4

  • Based in Atlanta, glimmers was founded in 2019 as a backing band for vocalist Maggie Schneider, but after performing together, they “quickly became family” 
  • Their first two EPs, Cluttered Heart and Worlds Apart, got attention from NPR, Alternative Press, Emo Nite, and Hot Topic, and they even have a live album recorded at The Masquerade
  • Their most recent EP, Human Furnaces, introduces a new, emotionally charged era for the group as they continue to tour across the country
  • For Fans of: Bearings, Brooklane, Young Culture

2. Equal Creatures opening for Worriers in Purgatory on 10/10

  • Equal Creatures first started making waves in the indie rock and emo universe in 2021 when they released their debut EP, Prey Animal – a tribute to queerness, survival, and resiliency
  • Formed by Laurie Ray (lead vocals, guitar) and Joshua Mousie (guitar) and joined shortly after by Sam Horwitz (drums), Athieno Ngowe (bass), and Laura Wilson (synth, vocals), they describe themselves as “Big Thief meets Against Me! meets The Cranberries meets Gillian Welch meets Bruce Springsteen” 
  • They’re currently working on their debut album at Maze Studios, produced by Kegan Krogh
  • For Fans of: World’s Greatest Dad, Pom Pom Squad, The Beths

3. Wulf Morpheus opening for Tep No in Purgatory on 10/5

  • Wulf Morpheus is the electronic project of Convel Green, an ATL producer who specializes in lo-fi beats and soulful samplings
  • His newest album, Strange Places, is a collaborative sonic journey that features local emcees and vocalists like MARCO PLUS
  • Wulf’s beats have reached critical acclaim – most recently for their inclusion in MAVI’s 2022 release, Laughing so Hard, it Hurts
  • For Fans of: sladd beats, dankush, Prima

4. Smoke Detector opening for Carly Cosgrove in Purgatory on 10/24

  • Smoke Detector is an Atlanta-based emo band consisting of Keya Clover (vocals & guitar), Sam Becht (drums), and Ryland Heagy (bass)
  • Their nostalgic and hard-hitting 2018 EP, I Never Said I Needed You Here, set the stage for their debut album, Needs Batterys, in 2022, which you can get a taste of in their newly released live set at Arnold House 
  • They were recently featured on Spotify’s “emo right now” playlist with their song, “MC Hammered” 
  • For Fans of: Ben Quad, Commander Salamander, Oolong

5. Driptones opening for Moon Walker in Purgatory on 10/26

  • Recently relocating to Atlanta from Gainesville, Driptones is a genre-fluid project consisting of Tripp Jones (Drums), Zach Gerbi (Bass), Xander Boggs (Keys), and Collin Fitzgerald (Guitar) 
  • Their music is described by local Atlanta producer, Dave Mulazzi, as “if The Beatles were raised on the Wiggles” 
  • At an afterparty for one of their shows, their fans ripped off chunks of drywall from their house and started eating it – prompting them to write a song called “Wallmunchers,” now also the namesake for their fans 
  • For Fans of: Hippo Campus, Beach Fossils, flipturn

6. Tom The Mail Man headlining at Aisle 5 on 10/27

  • Tom The Mail Man is the project of Sean Brown, a genre-defying Atlantan whose music seamlessly jumps from hip-hop to punk to afrobeat with tastes of everything in between  
  • Taking inspiration from artists such as J. Cole and Donald Glover, his latest EP titled 71ØS released earlier this year alongside an emotional music video for “Till We’re Old”
  • He’s been featured in PAPER magazine and Complex for his deeply thoughtful lyrics and community-focused live shows 
  • For Fans of: Dro Kenji, Koi, Kill Jasper

7. Hojean headlining in Hell on 10/27

  • Self-taught musician, producer, and songwriter, Hojean, was born in New York but raised in Alpharetta
  • Detailing his artist journey in ShotbyWu’s 6-part documentary, he’s risen from performing at talent shows to securing spots on festival lineups, like LA’s Head In The Clouds, to selling out headlining tours
  • A proud first-generation Korean-American, he’s dedicated to amplifying Asian voices in the R&B and indie music scenes. Catch his music alongside Laufey, Wallice, and Paravi in Spotify’s “Jasmine” playlist, a collection of songs dedicated to illuminating Asian artists
  • For Fans of: Ethan Low, Dvwn, Jiwoo

8. O’Brother opening for Balance and Composure in Heaven on 10/28

  • With a debut released in 2006, O’Brother has been experimenting with different soundscapes for over 17 years while sharing stages with Manchester Orchestra, Thrice, Circa Survive, The Dear Hunter, Cage The Elephant, and more
  • Playing mostly post-rock with shoegaze and ethereal elements, the band consists of Tanner Merritt (lead vocals & guitar), Johnny Dang (guitar), Jordan McGhin (guitar), Michael Martens (drums), and Anton Dang (bass)
  • During the pandemic, they made a podcast talking about their album, You and I, where they intimately shared exclusive demos and stories behind the record 
  • For Fans of: All Get Out, The Republic of Wolves, Moving Mountains

9. Caroline Reilly opening for Icon For Hire on 10/30

  • Caroline Reilly brings a personal touch to subtle waves of 2000s pop-punk, most notably in her recent singles “MR.262” and “JUNE,” released earlier this year
  • Reilly really took her music career to the next level when she auditioned for NBC’s The Voice at the age of 16 where she learned the ins and outs of pursuing a career in music
  • In a Shoutout Atlanta feature, Reilly says she finds inspiration in her family, who support her as “sharing songs that you’ve written is one of the most vulnerable things you can do”
  • For Fans of: SUCKERPUNCH!, Paramore, Maggie Lindemann

10. Seersha opening for Mating Ritual in Purgatory on 10/30

  • Seersha, a proud ‘80s baby and songwriter/producer from Atlanta, makes retro tunes that fuse together electro-pop and synth-pop melodies
  • Moving between a corporate career and songwriting gigs in Music City, she’s faced her fair share of uncertainties but finally found her voice after writing her debut album on Ableton in less than 3 weeks 
  • She’s earned the title “synth-pop crooner” from Immersive Atlanta thanks to her lush, emotive vocals
  • For Fans of: Tima, CATBEAR, NINA