10 Local Artists You Should Check Out in June


1. Suitor opening for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in Purgatory on 6/8

  • Formed in late 2019, Suitor is a 5-piece alt-rock band who effortlessly fuses elements of indie, pop punk, midwest emo, and grunge – while playing with the energy of your favorite hardcore band. 
  • Nathan Hardy from Microwave actually helped produce their debut EP, however Suitor is not a band reliant on connections for their success; their passion and drive to make music is what makes them a band you need to be on the lookout for – especially since they do it so well.
  • Get to know the band through this Alt Club Interview & watch their music video for their single, “Deep Sleep”!
  • For Fans Of: Saosin, Balance and Composure, Movements

2. Midsummer Motel in Hell on 6/9

  • Midsummer Motel first came together in 2021 after a few of the members met in Dunwoody and started writing together; they have since released three singles and a debut EP – (and sold out the Masquerade in January!)
  • Young members with a mature sound, the band incorporates stylistic arrangements and experimental soundscapes to achieve a washed out fusion of heavy soul, shoegaze, and surf rock.  
  • Watch their Podcast Interview with Mathew Weber to learn more about their roots!
  • For Fans Of: Lunar Vacation, girlpuppy, Recess Party

3. envilittle opening for Dikembe / Glazed in Purgatory on 6/16

  • Starting originally as a solo act, singer/songwriter Heather Hall joined up with her producer and others to create envilittle in late 2022. envilittle is noted for their amalgam of emo, indie rock, and grunge; heavy distortion and soft harmonics sit alongside somber-ridden lyrics that make your head bang and your heart ache. 
  • Check out their hauntingly beautiful, painfully relatable debut single, “People With No Regrets”, where Hall pleads through mantra-like lyrics “That though I’m leaving / please don’t let me go
  • envilittle shifted their focus to playing live shows and have opened for artists such as Sweet Pill, There/They’re/Their, and The Normas.
  • For Fans Of: Raavi, Well Kept, Foxtails, Title Fight

4. Order of The Owl opening for YOB in Hell on 6/16

  • Releasing their first album in 2012, Order of The Owl is a beast of a band, bringing together a decidedly sludge metal sound with a classic rock influence and progressive element. 
  • Fronted by Zoroaster’s Brent Anderson, drummer Corey Pallon and guitarist Casey Yarbrough, Order Of The Owl is a band that can’t be stopped. 
  • Read about their 2016 EP, We Are Here to Collect Our Crown, in Creative Loafing.
  • For Fans Of: Weedeater, Bongzilla, Crowbar

5. Sustenance opening for Tracheotomy in Purgatory on 6/20

  • Formed in 2013 in Kennesaw, Sustenance is a death-metal band who has been defining the scene for a long time with their blast beats, harsh vocals, and breakdowns.
  • They released an EP in 2022 with Ghost House Sound called Soul’s Grand Remorse, and put out a split this year with Gortrocity.
  • Watch their official music video for “Goddess” before coming to the show!
  • For Fans Of: Void Eater, God Complex, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

6. Can’t Keep Up opening for Omerta in Purgatory on 6/21

  • Atlanta hardcore band Can’t Keep Up is fresh on the scene, releasing their first EP earlier this year. The band is composed of Tommy Nguyen on vocals, Andy Nguyen on bass, (who beforehand both played together in Keepin’ On), Mason Hunter / Zire Fields on guitars, and Jesse Limon on drums. 
  • Straight up hardcore, Can’t Keep Up is staying true to the genre, while adding peeks of powerviolence into a few of their songs, with their lyrics often having a greater meaning, speaking of the rise of Asian hate crimes and other national issues.
  • Get to know this new hardcore band by checking out this No Echo interview.
  • For Fans Of: Criminal Instinct, Trapped Under Ice, Primitive Blast

7. Zoe Bayani in Purgatory on 6/24

  • Independent songwriter Zoe Bayani first started releasing music in 2021, drawing inspiration from nostalgic americana, folk, and soft rock genres. 
  • She uses her dreamy, indie-pop styled songwriting to create a sound that is new and current, yet familiar and reminiscent of her vintage idols, heard in her debut EP, Worst Nights.
  • Check out her interview with The Sounds Won’t Stop to learn about her inspiration and thoughts behind her songwriting.  
  • For Fans Of: Hotel Fiction, Clairo, Hannah Jadagu, Faye Webster

8. Novumora opening for Until I Wake in Purgatory on 6/26

  • Founded in 2020, Novumora is an Atlanta-based metal band with a female lead, melding post-hardcore with nuances of progressive metal, swancore, and psychedelic indie to create a dynamic powerhouse that layers hauntingly catchy vocal melodies on top of crushing instrumental compositions. 
  • The band balances taking their work seriously, without taking themselves too seriously – noted in their sense of humor online, saying that they’re the post-hardcore band “with the best hair.” 
  • Check out their cover of Dance Gavin Dance’s “Tree Village” here.
  • For Fans Of: Flyleaf, Pvris, Circa Survive

9. FUTURESELF opening for Craig Owens in Hell on 6/27

  • Officially coming together in 2020, FUTURESELF is the new name for the underground Atlanta pop-rock project that was once entitled “dim” – symbolizing their formation as a light in dark times. FUTURESELF has come a long way since dim’s conception, (especially since a few of the band members met in high school and went off to play with The Dangerous Summer and Woe, Is Me), and is seeking to rebrand and quite literally – focus on their future selves. 
  • In the past, FUTURESELF has opened for Stand Atlantic and Donovan Melero at the Masquerade, while also playing Big Ass Gig and performing alongside glimmers. 
  • Listen to their 2021 album, from dark to light we’ll see, and read about its inspiration in HighWireDaze.
  • For Fans Of: Grayscale, Valleyheart, Have Mercy

10. Ben Strawn opening for Clayton Wyatt in Purgatory on 6/29

  • A soft, melodic, folk-inspired singer/songwriter who is relatively new to Atlanta, Ben Strawn wears his heart on his sleeve with every song he puts out.
  • Born in Tennessee, Ben Strawn took a chance during the pandemic and moved to Atlanta with his wife, but creatively felt down. It was then that he wrote “One Of These Days,” released through his own indie label, Saint Rawn Songs, which focuses on maintaining a brighter mindset through the dark days.
  • Read about his sad love song, “Things I’ve Never Said” in this Atwood Magazine review.
  • For Fans Of: The Avett Brothers, Frank Turner, Wilco

Written by Hannah Lemke