Watch Out For Snakes


Watch Out For Snakes is 8-bit chipwave from Atlanta geek, Matt Baum. Layering old school Nintendo chip sounds, WOFS creates darkly energetic tracks that pay homage to retro video games and 80s films without taking things too seriously.

With a high-energy, keytar-fueled stage show rooted in his hardcore/punk upbringing, Baum has won over fans to the chipwave camp, making regular appearances at landmark video game music and synth events such as MAGFest, BitGen Gamer Fest, NEON Retrofest, and VGM Con, and touring extensively, performing alongside acts such as The Protomen, Com Truise, Makeup and Vanity Set, The Megas, Master Sword, Arcade High, Street Cleaner, and Tim Capello.

Watch Out For Snakes debuted a unique blend of chiptune and synthwave in 2018 with Immersive Atlanta writing that “Baum’s 8-bit hooks still carry that underlying feeling of panic that comes from losing again and again at whatever side-scroller seemed impossible as a kid.”

In 2022, WOFS released third full-length DIS[INTEGRATE] with the single “Fight Those Invisible Ninjas” characterized by as “an exciting car chase through a cyberpunk city viewed from an analog TV.”

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