A socio-political, high intensity punk rock band from LaGrange GA, Trashionality began playing and performing in 2012 with original members Nik Marshall (drums), Jory Marshall (lead guitar/lead singer) and Mason Little (guitar), and added James Hunt (bass) to the lineup in 2016. Known for their high energy, megaphone-touting audience participation, and staggering set list (capping off at 33 songs) Trashionality tackles ideals of nationalism, oppression, religion, and social stagnation as they play a melodic thrash form of punk rock style, and according to drummer Nick Marshall: “We always stick to being punk rock at our core, whether it’s in our lyrics or the music – you may find that some songs are experimental, but the core is always about change and calling out bullshit.” In Fall of 2013, they released an eight song demo album “Chord-Filled Confrontation”, released a self-titled EP in the fall of 2013, signed on to Kaizen Records in the Spring of 2017, and are currently working on their debut album “Who Are My Enemies?”. Despite their young age, the band boasts headliners at The Masquerade, Swayzee’s, The Red Room, Insomnia, and Festivals including the Independent Rock Series Festival in LaGrange, the Bull Street Battle of the Bands, the Jingle Bell Rock & Metal festival, Beat Made Festival, have placed in Masquerade’s Battle of the Bands, and won the annual LaGrange Battle of the Bands in 2013.

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