The Warsaw Clinic


“Calling all patients”

The Warsaw Clinic is a rock & roll revival of Bo Diddley beats, powerhouse riffs mixed with that brutal blues sound of ZZ Top.

The tres hombres of TWC are longtime friends from the suburbs of Atlanta.   Throughout the last 10 years they have partnered in different rock bands.  Since early 2015, they have tightened The Warsaw Clinic sound playing at local Atlanta venues such as TheMasqueradeSmith’s Olde BarUnion EAV, 529, Red Light Caféand Sweetwater Bar & Grill.

Chris Parker is the secret weapon on bass.   With a low-key attitude and his “locked in the pocket” bass style, the groove is good to go.

Austin Robb is a monster on the drum kit.  Channeling Bonham and twisting in the throw-back rhythms of blues meets rock, he sets the dial “up to eleven“.

Frontman Eli Browder takes vocals to a new level while convincing the crowd he is the lost voodoo child of Hendrix. Working the fret board is second nature to Eli and that is clear from first strike.

It only takes 1 show to become a loyal “patient” of The Warsaw Clinic.

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