The Helvetica Effect


What’s a band like The Helvetica Effect do when their debut album is on the verge of finally being released? Especially after years of hard work from 3 talentedmusicians and extended amounts of patience amongst a loyal, fervent fanbase? In the words of frontman Rob Perez, with a hearty laugh: “You slowly, methodically, and soul-crushingly fall apart.”

In December of 2014, the band’s debut album – “Calm Amongst The Chaos” – was finally independently released after months of speculation to instant fanfare & praise. The disc met all expectations of a band who has built their careers on an emotional live show by delivering a solid hard rock album full of twists & turns, with triumphant hooks to boot and brilliant execution from Perez, bassist Will McLoone, and drummer Matt Cyrus. Then, a month later, McLoone announced his hiatus, and subsequent departure, from The Helvetica Effect. “It was a sucker punch, for sure,” says Perez, “But, we were already committed to the album, had been plugging it for months…we felt that we had obligations to the people who had been waiting so damn long within that realm, that we had to get back out there and immediately. We had no time to heal from our brother up and leaving after so much time, effort, and camaraderie.”

And so, with journeyman musician Aubrey Mack in tow, The Helvetica Effect soldiered on with vigor and vitrol, playing some of the biggest tours and shows of their career in support of ‘CATC’ with bands of their ilk like Chevelle, All That Remains, 10 Years, Starset, Nonpoint, RED, Eve 6, Socialburn, Shallow Side, Eyes Set To Kill, One-Eyed Doll, & ERA 9. Then, in mid-2016, when work began on new material, Mack very suddenly & abruptly left the band, triggering a forced hiatus. “It really became ‘The Tale Of The Disappearing Bassists,” laughs Cyrus heartily, “We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; we just wanted to know what the hell was going on and why it kept happening. We really just took it as a sign that maybe we need to regroup and refocus on what T.H.E. means to us.”

‘Regroup and refocus’ is exactly what The Helvetica Effect has done.

After taking some time off to spend time with family, work on other projects & properly ‘heal’ from losing those 2 band members suddenly, Perez and Cyrus formally announced T.H.E’s return in October 2017 with the arrival of a new permanent member: multi-instrumentalist Carmen Williams. “Carmen is someone who, really, has always been one of those silent partners of Helvetica,” says Perez, “She’s jammed with us when Will was still here, she’s never been afraid to give us her opinion and her expertise…she’s really been a key to a lot of what makes us ‘us’ as a band.”

Cyrus echoes the sentiments: “For us, it really was the only option that made perfect sense. Like a sort of ‘smack ourselves upside the head, why didn’t we do this sooner’ perfect sense. She’s brought in a sensibility to our sound that compliments what’s done before, but evolves us as a group moving forward.”

Williams herself cuts to the chase, stating “I think, with the three of us here and now, there’s more excitement in the creativity. There’s a sense of urgency, an element of danger now…that anything could happen with this band musically. And we genuinely can’t wait to let the Effectees hear that live and on record.”

To add to the newfound sense of urgency, The Helvetica Effect has entered the studio and is recording a brand new EP – their first release of new music in over 4 years – as well as plotting it’s release and an expansive amount of shows for 2019 and beyond. With a new member, new attitude, and new motivation to move more people than ever with their music, one thing is for certain…

The Helvetica Effect is back.

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