Seddy Hendrinx


Known for his interpolated r&B melodies and trap-laden raps, Hendrinx received nationwide attention for his various releases over the last 4 years, mostnotably his 2019 single “lowkey.” The melodic scorcher racked up 18 million views on YouTube and created a buzz for the Florida upstart.

Representing Duval County Florida,Emcee Seddy Hendrinx delivers speedy rhymes, atmospheric production, and thick bass with thoughtful introspection and clever samples. Blending melodic auto-tuned croons with trap styled rapping, he balances hard-hitting street tales with introspection that zones in on pain and darker emotions.

Seddy Hendrinx has been on a steady upward trajectory signed to Florida Boy Music, Seddy – whose namesake was influenced by the generations-separated legends Jimi Hendrinx and Future – is enjoying the fruits of his labor after releasing his highly- anticipated project Well Sed in July 2022.

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