Hellzapoppin' Circus Sideshow


Spectators will experience one of the world’s last authentic circus sideshows with performances using the human anatomy and death defying stunts of mind over matter, yet with no blood and no pain.  This Vaudeville Freak Show of wonder features LIVE stunts of mind over matter like: Fire Eating  *  Fire Breathing  *  The Bed of Nails  *  The Human Block-head  *  The Razor Sharp Machete Walk *  Acrobatic Stunts  *  Glass Eating  *  Sword Swallowing  *   Knife Throwing & Archery using human targets  *  Illusion’s like the Chinese Blade Box of Death  *  Human Oddities & Curiosities such as a real-live half-man who walks on his bare hands on broken shards of glass and much more.

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