Coping Skills


Coping Skills is a band of two people who live in Philadelphia, the place where bands are from now. Lauren DeLucca and Rachel Dispenza met by chance when they ended up moving into the same house after they both enrolled in college for the second time. They started working the same jobs, dreading the same bosses, and decided to learn how to play instruments so they could start a band. This is that band. They graduated, and as of this writing, their combined student loan debt is exactly $288,136.69. Which is a lot of money. They wrote a song about this. Please pay them.

Their songs are just songs. You’ve heard songs? They sound like those. The best parts of this band come from a dynamic Rachel describes as an unstoppable-force-immovable-object-collision sorta situation, where theirs and Lauren’s gut impulses come in conflict, and they end up writing records full of pop songs about bagels and the way that life can suck. They self-identify as “moderately gay post-ironic bummer pop,” which gives you a good idea of what you’re in for.

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