Black Hibiscus


Black Hibiscus is a Nigerian-born indie-soul artist creating soulful music with Indie, Alt, RnB, and Punk influences. Playing every instrument that you hear, his songs take a lot of inspiration from legends like Nick Hakim, Blood Orange, and Bakar.

His most recent project titled “The End of the World” explores themes of love and loss. It supposes a depth of love paramount to a person’s whole being, and the loss of that love, the end of their world. The songs “Angelica”, “Benny”, and “Lil Ze” are references to characters from the movie “City of God”, and these songs explore their emotions and relationships in the context of the film. Other songs dive into the meanings and outcomes of these emotions, with the character in the interludes realizing that a loss of love isn’t the end; The world keeps spinning.

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