Get Inside the Mind of tiLLie with 3 Music Videos


Who is tiLLie? The anti-popstar from Atlanta is carving her wave of nightmare-pop through the city with her latest release, “yeR sTupiD NighTmaRe (mAd wOrLd)”. With humble roots performing in basements with her punk band as a teen, she has grown into her own eclectic sound and striking artistic vision. Pops of bright colors juxtaposed with flashes of insanity come together when a tiLLie music video drops. The bubblegum horror aesthetic compliments her haunting melodies and heavy lyrics. She releases intense emotion into her projects, influenced by her own mental health and experiences as a woman. Her message creates a safe haven for those who feel isolated and emotionally exhausted. Her genre-defying sound is reminiscent of a grungier Doja Cat or Marina and The Diamonds. Watch her captivating music videos based on your mood:

1. “yeR sTupiD NighTmaRe (mAd wOrLd)”

An experimental cover of “Mad World” by Tears For Fears fused with melodic lullaby and monstrous vocals creates a raging rendition of the 80s classic. Definitely a must in the playlist rotation with your unstable besties. Feel the comfort of nostalgia while watching this insidiously captivating video.

2. “peachie”

Quirky digital sounds layered over tiLLie’s glowing vocals deliver her frustration with society’s expectations of her as a woman. Tired of bottling up emotions or shrinking yourself for others? Her message contrasts with the soft, peachy video game aesthetics in the official music video.

3. “reaLitie biTes”

Nightmare Pop shines throughout the entire production of this song, from her dynamic vocals to the eerie visuals. If you need an escape from your reality, enter the anti-dream world of tiLLie’s claymation imagination in this music video!

Catch tiLLie in Purgatory on February 19th, 2023

Written by Ciara Ford