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The Masquerade Presents

Time and Distance

The Lion Faced Boy | The Captain


7:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


Time and Distance

time and distance are a rock band from charleston, west virginia, started around 2002. to date, we’ve released two full length albums, two ep’s, toured the country countless times with bands big and small, signed to a couple different record labels, put like 200,000 miles on our van, and made a lot of friends. we also really like mexican food.

The Lion Faced Boy

The Lion Faced Boy is the culmination of a solo project turned band. A phoenix brought to life by the ashes left from former incarnations of various endeavours. Despite line-up changes, the core of the band has always remained the same. The music, the sound, the message, and the vibe will never change. Not here to follow trends or pander the populace, TLFB is about writing for the love of music and nothing else.

Say anything you want about The Lion Faced Boy, but their talent and work ethic have given them a step up. If you haven’t already listened, it’s time to press play.

The Captain
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