Sun, Feb 19 On Sale: Jan/29

The Masquerade Presents

The Twotakes

Maggie Schneider | Misty Eyed


6:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


The Twotakes
Maggie Schneider

Inspired by her favorite artists such as All Time Low, Demi Lovato and Paramore, Maggie Schneider is a singer/songwriter, musician and actress who is ready to take her place in the punk-pop scene.

Born in Atlanta, Maggie has been performing since she was 4, playing guitar and piano since she was 9 and writing her own songs for almost as long. Now 16, with a style that has been labeled “sweet, witty and pissed off,” Maggie’s music is both high energy and emotionally relatable, combining angsty lyrics, powerful guitar licks and driving drumbeats with her unique vocals.

When she is not making music or at the theatre , Maggie enjoys going to concerts, hanging with…

Misty Eyed
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