Fri, Mar 22 On Sale: Jan/11

The Masquerade Presents

The Summer Set

We Are The In Crowd | Go Radio | For The Foxes | Like The Movies


6:00 PM | $15.00 ADV | All Ages


The Summer Set

Pairing their infectious brand of pop rock with catchy driven choruses, The Summer Set are on a mission to win the hearts of audiences worldwide. Led by singer Brian Dales, the band’s fourth full-length Stories For Monday delivers 11 of their most well-crafted songs, throwing punch after punch of sun-drenched nostalgia, reckless love, and Dales’ most honest lyrics to date. The Phoenix, AZ quintet quickly became a phenomenon through the independent music scene since their formation and have continued to hone their irresistible brand of feel-good pop through major television syncs and new album Legendary (2013). The band have come off an incredible string of success that includes…

We Are The In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd know that they have a lot to prove with the release of their first full-length album, Best Intentions - and that’s exactly what they thrive on. The challenges of being on the road for months at a time, of making sacrifices for the sake of an album, of meeting the expectations of their fans and themselves - these are all hurdles this young band are ready to tackle head on.

A continuation of sorts of their well-received debut EP, Guaranteed To Disagree, the Hopeless Records-released Best Intentions features the same highly-charged vocals and propulsive movement as before, but now elevated to the next degree. “This record definitely has the same vibe as our EP,…

Go Radio

A Go Radio record isn’t so much meant to be listened to as it’s meant to be experienced. Go Radio have more in mind than just their ultra-catchy melodies. They craft songs that climb inside the listener’s heart and mind, establishing deep roots through shared experience and expression. 

The Tallahassee, Florida based quartet – comprised of Lancaster, Matt “Burns” Poulos (bass), Steven Kopacz (drums) and Alex Reed (guitar) – stands apart in their willingness to put it all on the line for their craft and each other. In an age where many groups do whatever is fashionable to become as popular as possible, Go Radio puts honesty and integrity first in front of any careerist…

For The Foxes

Only four years into its young life as a band, For The Foxes has never known what it means to move slow. Everything has moved at a breakneck speed for the Barnegat, NJ natives since their inception in 2008, and the group’s latest EP, The Revolution, is another catalyst in the process.

Nicholas Dungo (vocals/keyboard/bass), Jimmy Brindley (guitar), and Danny Vassallo (drums) began writing songs together right out of high school and before they knew it, they were playing local shows and developing a repertoire of songs. Dungo, in school for a degree in music business, asked the others if they would leave school with him to pursue For The Foxes as a full-time project. “I realized performing…

Like The Movies

From the very first hook this ENERGETIC pop sound is so infectious you’ll have it “STUCK in your head” for the remainder of the day.  “Like the Movies” has a blend of just the right pop lyrics, energy and song structure, you’ll be singing along.

“Like the Movies” was formed in February of 2012, but it didn’t begin there as band members Chris Ganoudis and Nick Davila have been performing together since 2008 in the band 7 Months Later.  Chris Ganoudis was a founding member, singer, songwriter and Nick Davila was the percussionist of 7 Months Later.  They have experienced some success in the Southeastern U.S. in the past…

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