Sat, Dec 8 On Sale: Nov/7

The Homegrown Hip Hop Showcase

Lil Wyte | JByrd | Jacques Johnson


8:00 PM | $12.00 ADV | All Ages


The Homegrown Hip Hop Showcase

It’s the return of the Urban Chaos Entertainment’s local artist showcase, and this time we’re taking it BACK to The Masquerade in Atlanta! And we are bringing some of Georgia’s hottest local talent!

Lil Wyte

Lil Wyte discovered his rapping talent at a young age as he could rap Sir Mix-a-Lot’s entire song “Baby Got Back” completely. He participated in freestyle battles at high school when he was in ninth grade. Lanshaw rapped with his friend “Lil Black”, who inspired him to use a pseudonym Lil Wyte and write songs instead of freestyling.

Lanshaw dropped out of high school twice due to truancy. After the third time of dropping out, he went to a different school and eventually earned his high school diploma. Lil Wyte now rapping for not only Hypnotize Minds but also his own music label Wyte Music Including rappers such as Partee, JellyRoll & $hamrock. The Tennessee…


For many young artists today, success often comes as a simple stroke of luck, but in the case of 13-year-old JBYRD, his passion commands the spotlight and his natural, attention grabbing talent keeps the shine focused on him as he spits exactly what the game’s been missing. The words of his new song couldn’t be more exact; he’s a “lyrical, miracle rhyme master.” 

Representing the culture capit

Representing the culture capit “His lyrical talent had an effect on me that made me want to write songs,” says JBYRD, who nixes the pad and paper when jotting down his lines. JBYRD punches out his rhymes on trusted technology just…

Jacques Johnson

Game Tite’s youngster is Jacques Johnson. This suburban teen from metro Atlanta, Georgia is not only taking young girls by storm but entire families are attending his shows. He has been a performer since his days with the prestigious Atlanta Boy Choir and has modeled since age five. His rap skills are smooth and his metaphors in his lyrics are spectacular but considering his IQ no one should be surprised. He is a somewhat of a prodigy because whatever he puts his mind to, he will accomplish it. Jacques’ parents suffered the loss of his older sister to a drunk driver before he was born. They believe Jacques is the miracle. Born with a cross on his cheek and identical to his older sibling,…

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