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Moose Harris

Jay Smiff & Yung Jett of NEJP | Howling Star | Trizzol | 7resh | Shakia Chanel | MyOhhMii


8:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


Moose Harris

Anthony Daniels has gained invaluable life experience through every corner of Louisiana, from the northernmost tip in Shreveport to the Crescent City near the mouth of the Mississippi River, and is already a well known star in various genres all over the state of Louisiana and the American South. Born in New Iberia, Louisiana on St. Patrick’s Day, 1980, Anthony started his music career at the age of 3 at Mount Calvary Baptist Church with The Sunshine Choir. His first Piano Lesson was at age 6, first picked up a saxophone in the sixth grade and by high school, was self taught on the drums. He continued to play the instrument until he started high school at New Iberia Senior High, where he…

Jay Smiff & Yung Jett of NEJP
Howling Star

HOWLING STAR. 4 minds, 4 sounds, 1 body whose sole purpose is to enlighten the masses that our next destination is calling. A powerful 4 man assault on your ears, HOWLING STAR is the dynamic union of two vocalists on guitar, a bassist, and a drummer. Conceived at the end of Tragedy Called Truth, this band is seasoned with experience on the front lines of the Atlanta music scene while making their way through the roster of new recruits. Utilizing the styles and sounds of various genres to form a new hybrid, they are indeed too much of everything to be anything.


Born and raised on the northeast side of San Antonio, TX, Dantre “Trizzol” Bruns, realized at an early age that he wanted to be an MC. Growing up in a single parent home and being surrounded by a music loving family, Trey was nurtured on all types of music. ”I experimented with making pause raps on my stereo with a Radio Shack microphone” says Trey of his early years of recording.

After high school, Trizzol joined forces with a local producer named Mike Davis and formed a crew called I.V. (Illest Visions). “We had a different sound in Texas at that time, and screw music was heavy, so getting shows were hard for us.” After recording several songs at Melody…

Shakia Chanel
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