Tue, Jun 11 On Sale: Jan/26

The Decibel Magazine Tour

Cannibal Corpse

Napalm Death | Immolation | Magrudergrind


7:00 PM | $20.00 ADV | All Ages


Cannibal Corpse

Formed in 1988, Buffalo born/Tampa raised Cannibal Corpse helped found, manipulate and transcend the very boundaries of death metal beginning with the scandalously controversial debut, Eaten Back To Life. Raising the eyebrows of inquisitive metalheads and incensed parents and politicians, the record - produced by Scott Burns at the now renowned Morrisound Studios - was more extreme and confrontational than anything the metal genre had ever known. As a result of the band’s brilliantly gruesome cover art, grisly lyrics and song titles like “Hammer Smashed Face,” “Meat Hook Sodomy” and “Addicted To Vaginal Skin,” follow-up records Butchered At Birth (1991)…

Napalm Death

What makes NAPALM DEATH so special? Well, let’s think back 30 years: Would you have thought that a grindcore band from Birmingham would ever make it into the official album charts with some of the most infernal noise ever put on tape, enter the Guinness book for the shortest song ever recorded or appear in a prominent UK TV series named “Skins”? That it would be part of an Alice Cooper hosted episode of BBC’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks to guess from a couple of look-alikes who is the singer in NAPALM DEATH? Could you have ever imagined a down-to-earth lad named Mark “Barney” Greenway, a soccer fan (Aston Villa F.C.), vegetarian, prog metal freak and one of music history’s most…


Improving on the foundation of technical, neck-snapping death metal that they helped build beginning in the late 1980s, IMMOLATION lumber forth with the seventh chapter in their legendary career, Shadows in the Light. The group recorded their latest collection of deathly dirges within the hallowed halls of Millbrook Sound Studios, once home to such diverse acts as Anthrax, Zakk Wylde and Twisted Sister. With tracks like “Deliverer of Evil,” “Lying with Demons” and “Whispering Death,” listeners can expect no less than top form. Some bands make their mark and quickly fizzle out. IMMOLATION is not one of those bands. Originally called Rigor Mortis, the band was unexpectedly…


Magrudergrind was formed in 2002. The District of Columbia-based band dropped their self-released first record as delinquent teenagers and have since put forth countless splits in addition to two full lengths. Owing much to the close-knit global DIY punk community, since its inception the band has toured Europe and North America multiple times, Puerto Rico, Japan, and South East Asia with the likes of Misery Index, Unholy Grave, Phobia, and Rotten Sound. In 2007, Magrudergrind released their first full length, Rehashed, on Six Weeks Records.

Two-thousand-and-nine saw Magrudergrind’s sophomore full-length, self-titled record on Willowtip Records, engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge,…

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