Fri, Jan 20 On Sale: Dec/27

The Masquerade Presents

The Body Rampant

We By The Sea | BiRDPERSON | Dark Days


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


The Body Rampant
We By The Sea

What happens when four best friends spend all their time living together in a house full of guitars? If you’re the four charming twentysomethings of Statesboro’s own BiRDPERSON, besides your usual regimen of class, work, and chilling out on your porch, you might end up accidentally writing an EP. Since their founding in Early 2015, BiRDPERSON has been steadily indoctrinating their hometown of Statesboro, Georgia with their extremely effective combination of pop-punk hooks with emotional moods and lyrical themes, as well as barely-containable, high-energy stage shows, and unrelenting positive vibes. Now with the February 2016 release of their debut effort, “EP,” they’re…

Dark Days
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