Sat 05 Jan

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 4:00 pm / $10.00 ADV / All Ages


North Carolina post-hardcore revivalists Harm have announced their new EP, What We Know Is A Drop, will be released Friday, March 2. The release comes as a re-brand for the group, featuring a newfound sense of direction alongside a refined songwriting approach. The effort’s lead single, “She Knows Who She Is, She Just Forgot For…

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King of Summer

Atlanta pop rock power chord monster rock band rock.

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Teen Divorce

Teen divorce is a Jacksonville based indie rock band. They were formed in September of 2015. The band mixes 90s influenced guitars and vocals with modern indie and 60’s soul sounds to create a sound evocative of Slowdive, Bobby Womack, and the Drums…all at once.¬†

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The turn of the decade saw the regeneration of emotionally driven, partially poppy style of punk that had seen its heyday in the mid-nineties. However, as 2012¬†faded into 2013, and as 2013 began to draw to a close, the recently refurbished genre had already began to stagnate; rapidly approaching a brick wall with slashed brake…

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Kid Macho

Birthed at the onset of 2017, Kid Macho is a high-energy punk rock quartet comprised of a bunch of frustrated young adults. Communication is key!

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The groups first EP entitled “Out Here” was tracked in Atlanta in late 2016 and mixed by Thomas Le Beau Morley (Delta Sleep, TTNG, Orchards + more). The band continues to write music for a follow up with plans to hit the road as often as possible.

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Satyr began as a bedroom project in Atlanta, GA between two friends in college who wanted to create music that blended technical proficiency with strong melodies and structure. After many months of member changes and songwriting, Satyr grew into a well-known, thriving act in the southeast U.S. music scene. With a solidified lineup and an…

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