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The Masquerade Presents

The Almost

All Get Out | Makeshift Prodigy


7:00 PM | $13.00 ADV | All Ages


The Almost

“If I were a monster/Would you wince when you looked at me?/If I were a freak/Would you stare?/If I were a leper/Would you say unclean/If I was alone… Would you help me get free?”

A Monster Monster is on the loose.

The Almost’s second album for Tooth & Nail /Virgin Records began taking shape just as soon as the band came off the road after touring for their 2007 debut, Southern Weather, including a stint on that summer’s Warped tour.

That album, which debuted at #39 on Billboard’s Top 200, earned them a Top 10 single at Alternative radio, and a spot on MTV’s Discover & Download, was essentially the work of a single individual—Underoath drummer Aaron…

All Get Out

The road is family – the disciplining father, the nurturing mother; exist as shadows at each stop to any band betrothed to relentless touring without a safety net. With miles behind and miles ahead, life in a van will change a band; and All Get Out are no exception. From the wasted days stranded, to the desolate moments of doubt, to the nights where immortality stretches through bended notes, two-hundred and fifty shows a year has shaped the band known for their attitude and angst on display through high woven volume into a refined framework fusing gambled moments and glossy catchiness.

“We sound like we’ve been on tour for three years. We’ve been smoking and driving, and we…

Makeshift Prodigy


A manifestation of pure expression.

“This is something different. This is the music people live to.” ...With heart-wrenching emotion, and epic-anthemic choruses their sound can captivate a listener from the first note to the last. Makeshift Prodigy takes a live show to the next level and thrives on making the listening/viewing experience to be simply one of the best evening

s of their fan’s lives and yet an unforgettable & incomparable experience. With energy and emotion Makeshift Prodigy takes the listener to another state of mind by creating music that is not just what everyone else…

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