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The Masquerade Presents

Texas Is The Reason

Into It. Over It. | Look Alive


7:30 PM | $18.00 ADV | All Ages


Texas Is The Reason

Texas Is the Reason imploded at a time when they were being touted as one of “next big things” in the wake of the ‘90s punk explosion. They were one of the roots of the then-healthy post-hardcore tree, crafting melodious yet forceful indie rock with finesse, sensitivity, and a little bit of attitude. Shortly after releasing what remains to be one of Revelation Records’ highest-selling albums of all time, the New York City-based quartet disbanded on the eve of signing with one of several major labels courting them in 1997.

Fanzine editor, music writer, and ex-Shelter guitarist Norman Brannon formed Texas Is the Reason in 1994 with former 108 drummer Chris Daly.…

Into It. Over It.

Since 2001 I had played, written, recorded and performed in bands. The Progress, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, Map The Growth and Stay Ahead Of The Weather have been a few.

In 2007, I wrote, recorded and released a new song every week for an entire year. The free download project was called 52 Weeks. About 6 months after it’s completion it was formally released in June 2009 by The following year (2009/2010), I wrote and recorded 12 songs about stories and experienced I’d had in 12 different towns. These songs were spread across 6 split 7” records that I shared with the bands CSTVT, Everyone Everywhere, Such Gold, Pswingset, Empire! Empire!…

Look Alive

We’ve all played music in different bands over the last 10+ years. Hell, some of us are even in multiple bands now. That’s kind of how it goes, the life of a musician, and we all share that one common thing, the itch to play music. So here we are, another band, another line-up, and another chance to fulfill that itch.

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