Fri, Mar 28 On Sale: Feb/21

The Masquerade Presents

Texas Hippie Coalition

Anti-Mortem | ThroatpuncH | Legion X


7:00 PM | $12.00 ADV | All Ages


Texas Hippie Coalition

There are two paths you can take in life. You can choose to fall in line and be a follower, always fifth or sixth back, lagging behind others. Or you can make your own line and live as you choose, with everyone else landing behind you, while you create your own thing. Want to guess which line Texas Hippie Coalition have chosen?

That’s right. The purveyors of their own patented Red Dirt Metal sound are designing their own line in life and in music. For them, there is no other way.

Texas Hippie Coalition are committed to crafting a unique, original and thoroughly raucous brand of music that’s born of both life experience and a respect for rock ‘n’ roll’s…


“ANTI-MORTEM connect with a fist-to-the-face, combining the power of American heavy metal and the down-home flavor of the classic Southern rock and blues they were raised on. I’ve been watching them develop for the past two years and they are now ready to show the world how a good ass-kicking is delivered.” - Monte Conner, Nuclear Blast Entertainment


Formed in the Summer of 2008, Victor Ferlaino, Robert Arsenault, Paul Lawrence, and lead vocalist, Adam Lahr, quickly began writing what would be the band’s first self-titled debut album. Released in 2010, with help from Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo/ Eye Empire), and Clint Lowery (Sevendust), “ThroatpuncH” was a huge success. Powerful vocals, insane guitar riffs, and a unique stage performance enhanced by new lead guitarist Ashley Taylor and Albin Blomkvest (AKA Sampleblocker), quickly made ThroatpuncH one of Atlanta’s most sought after bands.
In recognition of their debut album, Throatpunch was awarded “Best Rock Band” in 2012 by the GA Music Awards. After hundreds of shows…

Legion X

Rome conquered the world with its inspiration from the countries around it, and the drive to rule all the eye could see. The tip of its mighty spear was its tenth legion that lasted nearly the whole span of the empire, a group of common men gifted with the favor of the gods to march against the armies of the world, no one man greater than the man at his side. They were Legion X……

The band took its time to find its identity, both in line up and sound. They knew they had to tour, promote, and tour some more. Biting the bullet and doing it right was the bands outlook on the four years spent on the road promoting the band’s 2006 debut album “Demonic Hour”. After dealing with illness,…

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