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The Masquerade and The Wrecking Ball Present

Terry Malts

Business of Dreams | The Mumzees | thegoodnews


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


Terry Malts

I’ve disconnected the doorbell; the phone is off the hook. The post office has been instructed to return all mail sent c/o Box 489 directly back to sender. These extreme actions have not been made in haste. The past year-plus has plum worn me out.
Ever since Slumberland Records lost a bet and released 2012’s Killing Time, it seems that the bored drudges of this outhouse Earth have done nothing but follow that album title’s orders, a.k.a. harass me. (Lord knows the everyday “fan” of these “guys” has nothing better to do). Visitors, calls, letters. Look, I know I’m the only known liaison to the men behind the man, but that doesn’t mean I have the answer to the burning…

Business of Dreams
The Mumzees

Rock ‘N’ Roll. A substitute for women, an unendurable drug, and an identity desired, consumed, swallowed, and spat by kids with a keen sense of taste, strong perception of will, and perfectly honed freedom from hope. Rock ‘N’ Roll has been a beautiful false idol for roughly 60 years. But where did it come from? Hell? Or God’s filthy cock? Who knoooowzzzzzzz. . .

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