Sun 15 Jul 2018

Heaven at The Masquerade

Doors 2:00 pm / $29.50 ADV / All Ages

Between The Buried And Me

What if dreams could be broadcast for the purpose of entertainment? Could you consume the innermost thoughts of another person on screen? If you could, what does that say about an attention-starved audience? More importantly, what would become of the dreamer? Between The Buried and Me pose those questions and more on their two-part eighth…

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Veil of Maya

Underneath a maelstrom of polyrhythmic guitars, sweeping vocals, and shuddering beats, Veil of Maya encode a ponderous narrative at the core of their sixth full-length album, False Idol [Sumerian Records]. This time around, a captivating concept drives the quartet—Marc Okubo [guitar], Sam Applebaum [drums], Danny Hauser [bass], and Lukas Magyar [vocals]. “The whole album is…

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There’s a new wave to hit the metalcore scene — ARSONWAVE. After the band’s hit cover on iTunes, “Bitch I Operate” in 2016, fans across the U.S. demanded to hear more. In February 2017, ARSONWAVE released their debut full-length album “Embrace Reality” that rose to #17 on the iTunes metal chart. ARSONWAVE has received notable…

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With Proponent For Sentience Allegaeon have delivered a musically complex, intelligent, and absorbing concept album that can rightfully sit alongside the true greats of the medium. With a lyrical arc rooted in science-fiction yet uncomfortably encroaching upon the reality of the present, the record captures the Fort Collins, Colorado natives at their most ambitious and accomplished, pushing the…

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Terror Universal

Like the musical equivalent of a slasher film, Terror Universal snap from moments of intense sonic bloodletting into menacing melodic mayhem before creeping back into the shadows to do it all over again. In keeping with horror tradition, the origins of this fearsome foursome—Plague [vocals], Massacre [drums], Thrax [guitar], and Diabolus [bass]—remain encased in murk…

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Entheos is a progressive death metal duo from Santa Cruz, California, consisting of vocalist Chaney Crabb and multi-instrumentalist Navene Koperweis.

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