Sun, Mar 31 On Sale: Feb/22

The Masquerade Presents

Sugar Glyder | Gabriel The Marine

The Little Boxes


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


Sugar Glyder

Charlotte, NC surely has something to call their own in SUGAR GLYDER – a dynamic blend of pop, ambience, and grit. Some instant question marks might cross one’s mind, the first being – WHAT IS A SUGAR GLYDER? The answer: a primarily nocturnal marsupial with a pungent odor and bizarre noise habits; somewhat fitting for a rock band touring the country in a van. All joking aside, the real truth behind the name lies in its longevity and survival. Sugar gliders maintain the ability to glide for incredibly long distances with their legs stretched, giving them an advantage over the world at large. The real-life human SUGAR GLYDER – Daniel Howie, Chris Rigo, Robby Hartis and Bobby Mathews…

Gabriel The Marine
The Little Boxes

Little Boxes was formed in the Summer of 2011. Haseena stumbled upon the talented Cady Marie Staggs (kickass pipes, guitarist, composer), who is perhaps the most unique addition yet. Both hungry for the stage, Haseena and Cady are now recording their first Studio Album and will be continuing to take over Georgia within the next year.
Little Boxes has played in venues such as The Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid, Spain, The Redlight Cafe, The Five Spot, The Masquerade, Berry College, Rome GA, etc.

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