Fri, Jul 14 On Sale: Feb/24

The Masquerade and The Wrecking Ball Present

The Somewhere in the Between Tour 2017 Tour

Streetlight Manifesto


7:00 PM | $23.50 ADV | All Ages


Streetlight Manifesto

Of all the various compliments Streetlight Manifesto have received from fans over the years, there is one in particular that seems to resonate most with the members of the band. After a show, a kid in torn jeans and a Pantera shirt, sporting ridiculous facial hair, will find one of the Streetlighters outside of the club and say hello, followed by “Man, I don’t listen to this kind of music, in fact I hate most ska bands, but you guys are something else.” Or it will be a jazz fan, sitting in the back of the venue during the set, bobbing his head, eyes closed while the band does their thing on stage. Or one of the club’s stagehands will comment, while helping break down…

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