Wed, Apr 17 On Sale: Mar/1

The Masquerade Presents

Revolver Road to The Golden Gods Tour

Stone Sour

In This Moment | Hell or Highwater

Masquerade Music Park

6:00 PM | $29.00 ADV | All Ages


Stone Sour

Stone Sour don’t play it safe on their fourth offering, House of Gold & Bones — Parts 1 & 2.

House of Gold & Bones Parts 1 & 2 is a collection of 23 tracks that follow an immersive, linear storyline. Part 1 – the first 11 songs – will be released on October 23, 2012. Part 2 will be released next year, completing the story. The songs set the tone and follow the action, but House of Gold & Bones is a multimedia experience. Videos, an online presence, album packaging, the live show and even a graphic novel will all follow and expand on the story. It’s a lofty undertaking, but Stone Sour have never shied away from a challenge. With them, it’s…

In This Moment

Change. Some people welcome it. Others resist it. Some seek it out. Others fear the unknown. Sometimes it happens beyond our control. Whatever one’s mindset, change is inevitable. The challenge comes with how we face it and deal with the consequences.

For vocalist Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth, the duo at the heart of In This Moment, change came unexpectedly when they found themselves rebuilding the walls around their foundation. Stripped down to their essence, the core of In This Moment is on fire with their fourth album, aptly titled Blood.

“I knew that I wanted this album to bring out elements we’ve never shown before. This alluring, darker, sinful side of…

Hell or Highwater

Hell or Highwater (originally known as The Black Cloud Collective), is the side-project that Brandon Saller (drummer/back-up vocalist for Atreyu) started after the band went on hiatus. Stepping out from behind the drums and up to vocals/guitar full-time, we see an explosive change in form for him. Their debut album “Begin Again” will be available for purchase on iTunes August 9th and you can download the first single from that album “Gimme Love” on their Facebook.

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