Tue, Feb 21 On Sale: Nov/28

The Masquerade Presents


Sticky Fingers (AUS)

Bootleg Rascal


7:00 PM | $15.00 ADV | All Ages

Our previously scheduled show with Sticky Fingers and Bootleg Rascal has been canceled. Please refer to your point of purchase for refunds.

Read an official statement from the band below:

“For some time we’ve been dealing with some internal issues in the band. They’ve heightened to the point where it’s not fair to anyone involved for us not to do something. We have looked for help to try to get through this and will continue to do so. As a result we’re going to try to finish the shows we have booked over New Years to the best of our ability - then the band will be going on an indefinite hiatus.

We would like to apologise to anyone that has been affected by this.”


Sticky Fingers (AUS)

Sticky Origins
Some bands meet from lame shit like gumtree advertisements, while others are formed with a touch of the divine. One Summers night some years ago, on a drunken street in Newtown. Dylan Frost was wrapping up a fruitless nights busking. Paddy walked past, when a by-standing bouncer commanded he, “give the bloke some coin, brew!?”

Instead, Paddy and Dyz struck up a chat. Bonding over mutual hobbies like music and weed (the basis of every substantial friendship). Soon, associate degenerates Hollywood, Crabz and Beaker banded together, and STIFI was erected.

Finger On The Record

Debut album, Caress Your Soul, dropped in March 2013, with multiple charting…

Bootleg Rascal
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