Thu 20 Jul 2017

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $8.00 ADV / All Ages

The Rovers

The Rovers are a new, young band emerging in Atlanta seeking to push the boundaries of alternative rock using edgy songwriting, innovative instrumentation, bluesy guitar licks, and expressive, heartfelt lyrics. The release of their debut single,  “Somebody’s Fool” marks first of five unique songs from the forthcoming EP release: WANDERLUST. The Rovers have performed  at venues such…

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Epifects is a group of musicians who have become entangled in every aspect of their unique music project in Atlanta, Georgia. No band bio or even their own EP can sum up the fusion of electric ambient rock, funk, and dissonant harmonies that they have become fascinated with. They incorporate wide ranges of musical ideas from…

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Twin Birds

Twin Birds – Marietta’s number one power trio, burning down the suburbs with a Molotov Rocktail while leading the fight to prove that guitars are still cooler than laptops. From soaring vocal harmonies to ripping guitar solos, Twin Birds is paving the new wave of rock and roll with an unapologetic fist of anxiety and…

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