Fri, Aug 23 On Sale: Jun/18

The Masquerade Presents

Seven Kingdoms

Legion X | Brazen Angel | Infectious | Thundershield


7:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


Seven Kingdoms

“The Fire is Mine”, the third offering from Florida’s SEVEN KINGDOMS, shows a great solidification in their sound and direction; they’ve amped up every aspect from song writing, vocals to production and live performance. This one goes to eleven on all counts - including the number of tracks! The vocals and beautiful crystalline melodies of Sabrina Valentine are uniquely set in a furious power/thrash metal attack, blended with epic choirs and the occasional beer-chanting of the men of SEVEN KINGDOMS.

Formed in Deland, FL back in 2007 SEVEN KINGDOMS went through all the usual “underground band” ups-and-down; members came and went; numerous local shows;…

Legion X

Rome conquered the world with its inspiration from the countries around it, and the drive to rule all the eye could see. The tip of its mighty spear was its tenth legion that lasted nearly the whole span of the empire, a group of common men gifted with the favor of the gods to march against the armies of the world, no one man greater than the man at his side. They were Legion X……

The band took its time to find its identity, both in line up and sound. They knew they had to tour, promote, and tour some more. Biting the bullet and doing it right was the bands outlook on the four years spent on the road promoting the band’s 2006 debut album “Demonic Hour”. After dealing with illness,…

Brazen Angel

Brazen Angel plays a unique brand of melodic metal unlike any other band in the Atlanta area. Beginning originally as an off-shoot of the hard rock band Solar Krush back in 2003. After several line-up and sound changes, a decision was made by founding members Chris Cannon and Joey Phillips to pursue a blend of the thrash, power, traditional, and melodic metal they followed so closely. The addition of Doug Neal to the mix brought an additional element of AC/DC styled riffs and licks. Despite several prominent shows, including opening for the 80’s heavy metal band W.A.S.P., the band never fully reached it’s potential. Enter Evans Martin in the fall of 2008. His easy-going nature,…

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